Tokyo Disney Daydream

This trip had so many good moments. We spent a few hours on trains and walking between stations, laughing at how easily Nemmi made friends with an elderly Japanese man on the Keikyu Skyline, listening as he tried to teach her a little Japanese and played peek-a-boo behind window shades. We remembered how decidedly unrelaxing hotel rooms are with two toddlers and spent the afternoon and evening wandering the beautiful hotel grounds and taking a trip to the indoor playground at the Sheraton Grande. In the morning we took the Mickey Mouse train to the entrance of the park and, after having a snack, everyone was good to go. The crowds were small and the lines were short. The snacks were delicious and the scenery was beautiful. The girls napped while Ethan and I strolled the World Bazaar, almost on a date. We stayed almost until closing time, when the lines grew a little longer and the chill stung our cheeks. It was so good, and we are so thankful for the opportunity we had to take a real family vacation – no moving involved, no absent family members.

DSC01578 DSC01560

Somewhere there is a picture of me and my sister almost exactly like us – although we were looking at theĀ camera!


Maybe it was naptime looming large over her, but Nemmi’s reaction to the Princess was pure bewilderment – so perfect!

DSC01510 DSC01506 DSC01454 DSC01418 DSC01409 DSC01401 DSC01392 DSC01385 DSC01370 DSC01349 DSC01339

The rest of the pictures are from our wanderings through the hotel grounds – I’m so glad we picked this hotel! Pillows were a little too stiff, but otherwise perfect.

DSC01286 DSC01278 DSC01205 DSC01182 DSC01172 DSC01167 DSC01150 DSC01124 DSC01100 DSC01094 DSC01090 DSC01078 DSC01077 DSC01021 DSC00999 DSC00966 DSC00961

This one is from the train station – a perfect example of their different personalities – Margaux yawning, Nemmi running.

DSC00951 DSC00913 DSC00898 DSC00874 DSC00872 DSC01730


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